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Skilled Transmission & Clutch Repair at ATL Total Car Care

ATL Total Car Care in Lauderhill and Tamarac, Florida provides car owners with comprehensive transmission and clutch repairs. If you notice your car is jerking when you shift gears, this can be a warning that you have a problem with your transmission or clutch. Our mechanics are experienced with both automatic and manual transmissions and can service any make and model. If you suspect there may be a problem with your transmission, bring your car to us for a free inspection and estimate. With our trusted team, you can have the comfort of knowing that repairing your transmission and clutch will be quick and affordable.

transmission repair

A Guide to Knowing You Need Transmission & Clutch Repairs

A car in need of transmission or clutch repairs can be difficult for the average person to identify. Seasoned mechanics, like the ones at ATL Total Car Care, can usually tell if there is a clutch or transmission problem after a few minutes of driving a car, but it is not that easy for everyone. The most noticeable warning signs of a declining transmission or clutch are irregularities when the car shifts gears. A car may suddenly jerk when it shifts gears, or it may need the gas pedal pressed unusually hard when shifting gears. In particularly bad cases, you may notice the smell of something burning.

Transmission Repairs That Serve Lauderhill and Tamarac, FL

If you notice any problems with your transmission, waiting is the worst course of action. Small transmission and clutch repairs can become major transmission and clutch repairs if neglected. Transmissions are complicated, and there could be many things at the root of the problem. Sometimes it is nothing more than leaking transmission fluid. Other times, major parts of your transmission and clutch may need replacing. The most important part of replacing a transmission is having a trusted mechanic by your side. Our mechanics at ATL Total Car Care are dedicated to serving the people of our area with reliable and affordable service.

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